New York Gets to Decide If You Believe In God Or Not

… and who can act in accordance with their moral and religious beliefs and who can not.

Pay close attention to this story, because this is a wedge issue. Once the state gets to decide matters of religious sincerity and faith on one issue, which they have begun doing in New York, a very dangerous precedent is set and we begin to loose the right to freedom of religion in this country. These excerpts from this “religious sincerity test” interview are ones you have to see.

First some explanation of what you will be watching.

Vaccine laws vary from state to state. All states have medical exemptions so that children whose medical histories include contraindications for vaccines can opt out and still attend school. Just like antibiotics, pain relievers and any other pharmaceuticals, there are is a subset of the population who cannot properly process vaccines or certain vaccine ingredients, and sustain a vaccine injury.

Some states have philosophical exemptions, for families who choose to forgo some or all vaccines for their kids, but New York does not have such a law.

What they do have is a religious exemption.

Families may want to abstain from vaccinating for any number of religious reasons. At the top of the list of course is that some vaccines are made using human cells harvested from aborted fetal tissue, of concern to Jews and Muslims may be the fact that pork products are included in many vaccines, and the moral/religious dilemmas in vaccinating blossom out from there into myriad issues. So you can see why it is important for NY to have a religious exemption.

But here is the catch…

THEY get to decide who is “sincerely religious” and who is not.

And they have begun to use coercive and illegal methods, and repeated, harassing interrogations that last for hours, against families who try to use this exemption, and routinely declare them “not religiously sincere” so that they can deny these exemptions.

Consider the case of Rita Palma. The Palmas are a Catholic family who decided to stop vaccinating on religious grounds. After filing the appropriate paperwork, submitting all her reasoning in writing, Mrs. Palma and her husband began to be dragged into meeting after meeting with the school system to be grilled by their lawyers. Eventually they had to hire a lawyer of their own.

After being treated horribly, the Palmas decided to bring a video camera to a meeting and secretly video tape their “interview” (although the school system was recording audio, so this lawyer knows that a record is being kept of his behavior). They have made three excerpts public, but this harassment went on for an hour and a half.

As you watch, and please watch all three videos, consider what this means for Christians in this country. If a family can be subjected to this emotional battery just to keep their child in school, can you imagine where else that this may be allowed to happen?

As you watch, keep in mind that after this interview, the school district ruled that the Palma’s didn’t actually believe in God. For the second time.

Rita expounds on her experience in this column and in this interview.

The second ‘truth-test’ and it’s all about God, me and Mr. Dave. “Do you have conversations with God? Does He tell you not immunize? If God is on your side, can He be on the side of those who immunize? If God created man and man created vaccinations, how can accepting vaccines represent a mistrust in God? Have your religious beliefs changed in two years?” The video speaks for itself. Ninety minutes of harassment, outrageous questions and praying my husband (and me) would stay in his seat.

NY Bill A883 has been proposed to ban vaccine “Sincerity Testing”. It needs to pass, but not just because of the vaccine issue, but because the state has no business making judgments about the individual faith of citizens. This school system, and their very expensive lawyers, had no business questioning the Palmas like this.

The Palmas “interview” (read witch hunt), and the religious “sincerity test” are the tip of a dangerous wedge and this wedge needs to be removed stat before this kind of abuse is allowed to spread.