Would You Really Hide Jews In Your Basement?

In previous threads on lying, the old question came up, “If you were hiding Jews in your basement, and Nazi storm troopers came to the door and asked if there were any jews in your house, would you lie?”

I wrote this in response to that question today:

I was thinking about it last night in bed, and it occurred to me, more than likely, most of the people who throw that question around probably would not be the ones to hide jews in their basements. I mean… look at the state of the church today. Most professing Christians will not even babysit for a young widow in our church, or drive a jewish neighbor to the doctor for chemo treatments (if they have even met their jewish neighbor) because they are to wrapped up in their own happiness and ambitions, but we are supposed to believe that suddenly they will risk their lives by hiding jews in their basements and lying to nazi’s?

I like to believe that I would step up and do the right thing just as much as the next Speculatively Jew Hiding Nazi Tricker, but if we are not even willing to get involved in the tumultuous marriage of that couple in church on the edge of divorce, it is a pretty safe bet that the storm troopers will have nothing to find in our basements.

I mean, how much are we doing for the persecuted church now? Do we even know what is going on in China and Burma, much less do anything about it?

 What are you doing to get involved in other peoples problems, most specifically other Christians problems, and if you aren’t, why do you think that you would risk your life for someone who is not even your Christian brother?

Do you just pat struggling Christians on the back and church and say, “I’ll pray for you” or do you actually help them find a job, kick the booze, sit with them at the bedside of their dying mother?

If not… I don’t wanna hear you speculatin’ ’bout hidin’ jews in yer basement. You ain’t gonna do it.

Look around you… who in your little corner of the world is hurting and what are you gonna do about it?


Taking The Month Off

I have not written anything all month. My grandmother passed away on Feb. 2 and I just don’t feel like writing or even thinking really.

So I have have just pretty much written off the month of February and I will see you guys in March.