Strategic Strategies for Excellence in Missional Missions to Make Your City The Greatest City For Christ in America

There are many groundbreaking approaches out there today for making your ministry the most dynamic and influential of all the ministries undertaken through out history.

But I have come up with a new model that will blow all of them away. I was going to wait and write my own book about it, but this model is just to big to wait. It needs to be out there now!

Do yourself a favor and throw all those other books out and wipe all the events off your calendars, because there will be no need for them after this.

And it is easy! Only three steps to remember.

1. Worship God.

2. Read Scripture.

3. Obey it.

Like… if someone is sick or in prison, do this.

Or if another Christian is ticked at you, do this.

If you did something wrong, do this.

If someone wants to sue you butt off because you did something really wrong, do this.

If you catch your pastor doing something wrong, do this.

If your friends do not know Jesus, do this.

If you see a cop beating up a hobo, do this.

If some one who does not know Christ hates you and is trying to make your life miserable, do this.

If you feel scared, do this.

If your life is super fun, do this.

If you have mad cash, do this.

If you give all your money to the poor, do this.

I could go on and on! Its almost like there is something in there for everything!

And when you hit a wall, and don’t want to obey scripture any more, all you have to do is start over again at number 1 and worship God again! It is as easy as lather, rinse repeat!

It will change your life, I gaurentee it.

Bottom line, if you spend all your time working My Simple Plan (registered trademark of GingCo, Inc.) which is mine and mine alone that I thought of all by myself with no help from anyone else at all, then you won’t even have time for all those other plans.

Paul sure didn’t.

But seriously… isn’t it time to take a step back from all the hype and just learn to live the lessons that Christ has taught us in this moment, and then in the next?


Author: Ginger Taylor

I am a thirty something wife of a wonderful man and mother to two beautiful boys. I am a Johns Hopkins educated family therapist with a current case load of one, my autistic son Chandler. I want to God and what He really has to say to us and especially what He really wants from me. I approach Scripture from the Reformed perspective of Luther and Calvin and those that followed them, and encourage lively debate here at Daily Discernment.

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